Storm the Stage WA finals

Last month we posted about three of our members being in the ‘Storm the Stage‘ regional finals at the Subiaco Arts Centre which took place last night.



Skyler Ellis

Skyler Ellis onstage


Well, it was actually FOUR of our members who were on stage last night – Steph Locke, Siobhan Crabbe, Shiloh Blondel and Skyler Ellis.

They all gave great performances in the drama category and Skyler Ellis was one of the contestants to be selected for the national finals in Perth in December. Congratulations Skyler!

The other contestants were not selected despite giving outstanding performances, and you will be able to see them perform as part of the ensemble cast in our group-devised production TEARS at the Yirra Yaakin theatre space from December 1st.


Siobhan Crabbe

Siobhan Crabbe


While the judges were making up their minds last night, a highly talented team of five of our members kept the audience at Subiaco Arts Centre entertained with a medley of originally devised short plays all created in the last two weeks and all less than two minutes long. Directed by Garreth Bradshaw, the team consisted of Patrick Downes, Hannah Rice, Cam Clark, Nic Doig, Rebecca Dunn and Claire Sinden.

One Response to “Storm the Stage WA finals”
  1. Victoria says:

    Wooooo! go Skyler!

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