Blood, Sweat and Tears

devised youth theatre.Making theatre in a different way

Perth’s young creative talent complete a 3-year journey.

In 2008, the young performers of the Western Australian Youth Theatre Company (WAYTCo) were challenged to make new theatre based upon three simple words:

Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Based in Perth and founded in 1990, this youth theatre group has been performing for nearly 21 years. Great plays by Shakespeare, Brecht, Nowra and Winton have been staged in theatres around Perth.  Occasionally there was a work created from original devised material. Famously, Claire Hooper (Team Captain from Network TEN´s  ‘Good News Week’) directed a show called ‘Fairy Tales on Thin Ice’ in 2006.

When Phil Thomson took over from Jenny Davis as Artistic Director in 2006 he encouraged young performers to develop their own voices as well as speak through the lines and characters of master writers and playwrights.

As a result of the creation of ‘Blood’ in 2008 and ‘Sweat’ in 2009, a savvy new breed of young performer is emerging from this youth theatre ensemble – creative, confident, and with a sure grasp of character, script and plot.

This ensemble is presenting the final of the trilogy, this December at the YY Space in Murray St in Perth. ‘Tears’ is an exploration of the power of raw human emotion and the consequences if it could be bottled and sold.

Over the next three years, WAYTCo will be working on their next trilogy –

Earth, Wind and Fire

Incorporating group devised theatre performance with new 21st century methods of engagement with audiences both live and through mobile digital devices, this youth ensemble hopes to develop some truly outstanding theatre that speaks with an authentic voice of Western Australian youth, telling stories that need to be heard, and seen.


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