Tears is a success

Tears opened on Friday Night to a full house. Audience response was very positive… it’s a dark take on corporate greed, but enlivened with comic moments and terrific acting. See Jenny Davis’ response below. There’s only one week left for you to see it!
And if you’re a bit short of cash it’s your lucky night on Tuesday (7th of December at 6pm). It’s “pay as much as you can” night, with any donation of any amount gratefully received. You can be as generous or ungenerous as you want! We just want you to see our show and support our fantastic cast.

Jenny Davis, director and actor, has written, about Tears…“I admired the concept & the aptness of the topic, since the ethics of medical research & pharmaceutical companies is a big concern of our times & I thought the Orwellian TEARS was chilling & thought provoking.
I know Pat has a very good track record as director/creative project manager & its terrific to see him growing in that capacity, and I know Andrew is doing some very interesting & promising writing of his own, but I know how tricky a group devised project can be and so was very impressed by the cohesiveness of a script devised by so many. It was a difficult piece to perform as well & they all did a great job of keeping the tension going truthfully, without melodrama. The spare design emphasised successfully the starkness & emotional paucity of the world of the play, but it can be difficult for actors to work in that kind of vacuum, so congratulations to them all for pulling it off. I didn’t speak to Iksander last night, but please let him know that I felt he successfully created a very intriguing & complex character. Great work, thanks, Jenny Davis”
The show continues Wed – Saturday at 8pm,
Yirra Yaakin Space, 65 Murray Street, Perth


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