What on Earth?

The creative film and performing talent of Perth gathered at King St Arts Centre yesterday to work with our Artistic Director Phil Thomson and rising star Jeffrey Jay Fowler in the first step of a process of creation that leads towards a professionally produced theatre production.

EARTH youth workshop

Phil Thomson introduces the workshop

Young people between the ages of 13 and 25 stepped up and seized the opportunity to get involved. We are grateful to Filmbites Youth Film school for attracting some of their membership to the project, and the Sunday workshop was the first of two taking place as part of National Youth Week. The second workshop takes place next Sunday, and we encourage all creative young people to come along and take part.

EARTH youth workshop

Jeffrey Jay Fowler worked to create ‘mind maps’ and creative character improvisations around the responses of those taking part to the word EARTH with it’s many meanings.


mind map

One of the 'Mind maps' for EARTH

It’s not to late to experience this for yourself. The second and last session is taking place 5pm – 8pm on Sunday April 10th at King St Arts Centre, central Perth.

Come down and get creative!


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