Audition application deadline looms!

Auditions The deadline for expressions of interest to be a part of WAYTCo’s new show “Earth” is Monday the 23rd of May 6pm. WAYTCo are seeking a group of creative young people (25 and under) to come together and create a new show based on the key word “Earth”. Actors with creativity and passion can express their interest in auditioning by sending the answers to a few simple questions to [insert where they can send them, insert questions]. This is an opportunity to work with an ensemble of talented young people to make your own show under the guidance of theatre maker Jeffrey Jay Fowler who has just finished his studies at NIDA and returned to Perth to continue making fresh black comedies for the Perth stage.

Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Jeffrey Jay Fowler

“We are seeking enthusiastic and creative actors and performance makers who wish to be part of a group devising project to create a new work called “Earth“. Although no previous theatre making experience is necessary, WAYTCo will be looking for young people with creative drive and the passion to make theatre that truly transforms its audience.

Young people who wish to attend the group auditions should send through an answer to the questions “Why do you want to be part of the group who will create and perform WAYTCo’s new work ‘Earth’?” and “What does the word ‘Earth’ mean to  you?” Post answers to WAYTCo, PO Box 7648, Cloister Square, Perth WA 6850 or email

Please also feel free to include:

A headshot or clear photograph of your face
An artist CV or resume
An example of your creative work – photograph, writing excerpt (no longer than a page), poem or painting, digital imagery or link to a short film or video.

Successful auditionees will need to be available for devising periods in both July and September, as well as for the production in November/December this year.

When? Saturday May 28th. Various sessions throughout the day.

Where? King St Arts Centre Studio 2 – top floor

Each session will last two hours and we will allocate session times to participants. Callbacks will be the following morning – Sunday May 29th.

WAYTCo is proud to be sponsored by Healthway and promote the “Act, Belong, Commit” – Mentally Heathy WA message

Act, Belong, Commit

2 Responses to “Audition application deadline looms!”
  1. Brendan Ellis says:

    Hey, I sent an email to the above address asking about auditions a few days ago and haven’t received a response. If there’s a better address to email it to or another way to contact the theatre that isn’t snail mail (I was looking for a phone number) then please let me know, otherwise I’m looking forward to a response to my email.



  2. WAYTCo says:

    Hi Brendan

    The best way to keep in touch is to become a member. We keep records of all our members and we have dedicated emails sent to members to keep them up to date. Our office is only attended for two and a half days a week. We have an answering service on our phone number which is +44 (8) 92262144 – you can also like our Facebook page and ask questions through the comments or on our wall.
    Sorry if your email didn’t get a reply.

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