EARTH casting news, TheatreLab, Theatre Club

Now that the dust is settling around the extraordinarily fine ‘Clark in Sarajevo’, it’s time to let people know about the next few months.

Earth Theatre showEARTH

Our auditionees have been waiting with baited breath for news of emerging director Jeffrey Jay Fowler’s decision regarding casting. We can now reveal that he has chosen 8 performers to play characters in a play that has yet to be devised. Auditionees who haven’t heard from Jeffrey by now are not in his ‘top eight’. Jeffrey and the ‘Earth Eight’ are in tense negotiations as to the exciting ideas and methods of creating this performance. Jeffrey is also considering inviting other auditionees to join the process of devising as secondary characters who will not appear onstage in the actual performances, but will be involved in the devising process.

The performance will be staged at the Blue Room Theatre with two previews on November 25th and 26th followed by eight performances between November 29th and December 10th.

The ‘Earth Eight’ will soon begin a process of character creation before meeting for the first time in August. The characters will be created online, and you will have an opportunity to interact with and help to create the characters with the performers by participating online. We are not announcing the names and ages of the eight performers until much later. You will only know them through their characters.


Wednesday evenings will never be the same again! Come to King St and get on the floor to zest up your Shakespeare with TheatreLab! We have some top tutors booked, outings to see the best Shakespeare shows and an industry showing in September planned. Enrol in our TheatreLab ‘exploring Shakespeare’ program and you will never feel underconfident with blank verse, iambic pentameters, flowery language and dense text again. Designed to get you up to ‘industry level’ competence, TheatreLab is for senior members and emerging professionals. June 22nd, 28th & July 6th are team building sessions. August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 and September 7th are focussed training.

Theatre Club

Once a month we will be going to the theatre together! We are currently in negotiations with top local theatres and companies as well as shows touring in to Perth to go as a group to see shows. Afterwards you can choose to hang around and discuss, analyse, criticise, gossip and socialise with other members. Get in touch by commenting, posting to our facebook group, emailing us or phoning us to get involved. Theatre Club will only work if we get a dedicated group who will DEFINITELY turn up to see the shows and don’t mind paying $15 – $25 a time to see shows (though we are working hard to get discounts and freebies). The larger the group, the more leverage we have, so sign up by emailing

Dates for Theatre Club: July 13th, August 17th, September 14th, October 12th and November 16th.


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