Tim Minchin, EARTH and Theatre Club

Our esteemed patron Tim Minchin has written a few words about his career and upcoming appearance hosting the BBC Comedy Proms in London.

Tim Minchin

I have managed in recent years to stumble upon a lovely and fun career by getting onstage and saying whatever I like in whatever form I enjoy. And what I like to say is often “motherf****r” and “pope” and “cancer” and “cheese” (among many more esoteric appellations), and the form I enjoy is often disco or funk or beat poetry or shouting. So you can understand why I am quietly shocked that people choose to buy tickets and watch me at all.


A few words from emerging director Jeffrey Jay Fowler on the recent first session with the “Earth Eight”

First two days of the theatre devising workshop went fantastically. I was totally blown away by the calibre of the ideas and the intelligence that the actor creators brought to the table. We had discussions on topics ranging from the sexualisation of children to the effects of technology on our happiness to materialism to the meaning of life to the faults of the education system to ageism and so on.. As well as that, the physical devising work we did was really promising. I’m feeling pretty great about it to be honest. Especially because when I asked why we were making a show and what we all wanted to do, the answer was to create something entertaining but still meaningful.

Theatre Club

This Wednesday we’re off to the State Theatre Centre to see Bell Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. At least 15 of us will be literally at the feet of the actors hanging on to every Shakespearean word. The outing for September is on Tuesday the 13th to see Black Swan’s ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof‘ – we’ve secured a special members discount of $16.63 a ticket so comment, attend the Facebook event or email us if you want to put your name down to see the show with us. Of course on October 12th we’re off to see “…into the Shimmer Heat

Swan River SagaAgelink Theatre Inc, together with St Georges Cathedral and the city of Perth, invite you to a performance of Dame Mary Durack’s Swan River Saga featuring Jenny Davis and directed by Jenny McNae OAM, at St George’s Cathedral, 38 St Georges Tce Perth,
on Thurs September 15th & Friday September 16th    at 7.30pm

Swan River Saga celebrates the life of early pioneer, Eliza Shaw, from the family’s leaving England, their encampment on the dunes at Fremantle and their subsequent acquisition of a grant of land on the Upper Swan, where they established a farm at Belvoir.
We are delighted to be able to present Swan River Saga, a play about our heritage, in the beautiful heritage building of the Cathedral, with live music accompaniment by Kathryn Schinnick.

For bookings, visit www.trybooking.com/SIK or phone Agelink Theatre on 9444 3708.


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