Support our crowdfunding campaign on Pozible


The EARTH project on Pozible.


Help us to fund the creation and presentation of a theatre performance which gives young people a chance to respond the word ‘Earth‘. We’re a youth theatre company with a difference – we strive to give young actors the creative confidence through workshops and training to work with professional writers and directors devising an original piece of theatre that is guided by the contributions of today’s youth. Recent NIDA directing graduate Jeffrey Jay Fowler is working with a highly talented group of actors chosen at open audition to create a production called ‘Earth‘ which will have its world premiere at the The Blue Room Theatre in Perth’s Cultural Quarter in late November. Help this production become the best it can be. As a supporter you can choose rewards of being in the programme, complimentary tickets or VIP passes to the opening night.

Visit the project page on Pozible and pledge $10, $20, $50 or $100 or more to claim your reward and spread the word far and wide, we have until November 25th to raise $2500 – if we don’t make the fundraising target, nobody has to make good on their pledge.


The cast are currently blogging in character as part of the creation of the performance. Here’s one of them blogging on ‘v for visceral‘ – visit the site and interact by commenting, helping the development of this character for the show.

v for visceral


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