EARTH is creating a sensation!

The previews have been previewed, opening night has opened, the crowds have been building and word is getting out that EARTH is an unmissable show if you’re young, into theatre and want to see something utterly amazing.

Here are some of the quotes from people on Facebook

From Zoe Hollyoak
“EARTH by Jeffrey Jay Fowler. A magnificent piece of theatre – so clever, witty, thought-provoking and beautifully written. Make time to go and see this show!”
rom Scott Corbett
“In the words of Thomas James Vowles, EARTH by Jeffrey Jay Fowler can only be described as “WOW”! It is an amazingly funny, witty, intellegent and challenging piece of theatre driven by 8 of the most talented actors around! Dont miss out!”
From Ky Foote:
“EARTH. A play. A Play about Earth. I could tell you about EARTH, describe the events in order, the playful honesty and desperate search for meaning that is EARTH. However this a journey you must experience for yourself. The brilliant ensemble cast take the Earth and attempt to create meaning, resulting in a both bizarre and wonderful splatter painting of ideas and a chillingly truthful exploration of our internal thoughts. Find out what Earth is through the vision of Jeffrey Jay Fowler”
“I really enjoyed the show. I laughed my socks off. Really clever and great fun.”

“Hey Earth Team. I have been hearing nothing but great things. People are soundly impressed by your performances, and are thinking, I mean THINKING, thanks to the content.”

You can listen to the RTR FM interview with Jeffrey Jay Fowler and Megan Hollier here


Liam Graham, Lauren Lloyd Williams and Cody Fern in EARTH


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