4 ways you can help WAYTCo make our 3 targets

We’re very excited by the new production MINE which is taking place at the Subiaco Arts Centre soon, and we want this production to be a success for our young performers. Here’s 4 things YOU can do to make their moment in the spotlight special –

red megaphoneONE – Spread the word

There’s nothing better than word of mouth to build excitement. Renato and the MINE cast are making a very special show and the more people rock up early the better they can work the show in front of big audiences. It’s critical to fill up the early shows and we’ve made that too easy for you. The preview on Saturday June 2nd is only $12 on BOCS and the Tuesday June 5th show is only $5 on our crowdfunding site If you REALLY want to help, swing past our office and grab some posters to put up somewhere you think will help promote the show

Donate NowTWO – Donate

We need your help to gather donations for this show. Tim Minchin is personally appealing for donations from people who love to see theatre, culture and the arts put on by local young people for the benefit of Perth, so please ask those around you who support this cause to get online, visit mine.pozible.com and pledge some money to our cause. If we don’t raise our target of $2000 to support our production, all the pledges will be lost!

MINE youth theatre playTHREE – Rock up

Don’t come alone. The theatre is a social event so being a party of two to seven people with you and share the experience of live theatre with friends and relations. Renato and the cast have some visual treats as well as great acting and drama in store for you. If you came to DNA in 2010, you know you won’t be disappointed.

FOUR – Get involved

Make sure you let people know how you enjoyed the production and put yourself forward as a participant or volunteer. We have loads of activities this year for our members, opportunities to support our company in other ways and it’s a great feeling to be involved in you passion. We want our members to help us out putting on new work, developing new initiatives for young actors and letting others know of our work so we can develop our audiences and members, particularly among those who may not have considered getting involved in theatre, but have the dedication and commitment to be involved in stage production, either in the spotlight, behind the scenes or even as enthusiastic audience members!

In the next three weeks we have three goals
1) Make a great show
2) Reach our crowdfunding fundraising target
3) Get big houses for each and every night that MINE is on at the Subiaco Arts Centre.

Help us to nail all three goals and make your support of WAYTCo count.


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