MINE feedback, comments and reviews

Cast of MineThe run has finished, the actors and crew are moving on to new projects – but the dust hasn’t completely settled and here’s the responses we’ve had about MINE by Jane Bodie

“Mine was an intense production to experience, and rewarded close attention. WAYTCo may be a youth theatre company, but the standard of performance was high across the board throughout the entire play. Rating: 4 stars out of 5  – ArtsHub
read the full review here

“I can thoroughly recommend this production to all young potential actors, and to many community actors who are searching for tips and ways to enhance their acting skills.  Clever story writing, brilliant dialogue and first class acting.” – theatre.asn.au
read the full review here

The cast were interviewed about their experience as well – here is a selection of their views.

MINE was one of my first productions outside school. I had auditioned for a fair few plays at this point, but I am so glad I wasn’t accepted in to any of them, because WAYTCo allowed me a much more professional experience than any of those plays could have offered. I worked with an amazing cast, director, designers and crew. Loved every minute.

I have learnt so much that will help me in all my future acting experiences. It was a wonderful environment to be in, in the rehearsals and the performance weeks. It was great to be exposed to a professional production in which we took great care in what we did. Renato was an amazing director he taught us all so much and we had lots of fun.Some of the cast of MINE

I enjoyed the friendly environment and felt I learned a lot, not just about acting but just learnt in general.

It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone.

This show made me grow an insane amount in both my confidence and skill as an actress. I am very proud to have been a part of it and this company could not have given me more.

I want to have many more experiences with the company. I think WAYTCo offers GREAT courses and an opportunity to work with a range of teachers/directors/actors where we can learn a wide range of techniques.

We also had some feedback by email and social networks:

Scene from MNE(1)

Such an amazing job from all! Loved the transitions between scenes, use of lighting and music. Was a little in awe of the talent on stage, especially the gifted little songstress. Great job guys 😀

Saw last night’s show and was really impressed! Hope you have a great run.

I thought the direction and performances were really strong.
Good use of space, very intense and very well focused acting. The urgency and truthfulness of characters was especially impressive. Loved the music and it looked really good.

We’d like to thank our amazing cast and crew, all the people who came to see the show and of course our funders and sponsors, particularly Healthway (we are sponsored to promote the Act-Belong-Commit message) and the Department of Culture and the Arts, Western Australia.


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