Beaufort St Festival spruikers/game leaders sought.

Beaufort St Festival 2012 logoHey all, we’re getting involved with the Beaufort St Festival on November 17th and are putting together a list of people who are keen to help act as festival assistants on the day. It’s volunteer work but the festival will show what hospitality it can. They have some ideas for games to organise e.g a giant mexican wave from one end of the street to the other and need leaders and organisers, so outgoing personalities,  loud voices and big physical moves are required.
We’re supplying a list so if you’re keen to get involved fill out the form below and the Festival will get in touch with more detail.

Peter Reynolds is looking for a group of 10 – 15 boys aged 12 – 18 who would be interested in taking part in a production which will be seen by audiences attending the Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association conference at UWA at the end of November. The play is called Epicine, or The Silent Woman, by Ben Jonson. The play is a comedy.
If this project interests you he’s going to be running a couple of participatory workshops at Applecross school in the second week of October to introduce the play. They will give you an idea of what you’d be letting yourself in for, and give him an idea of what you can do. I’m notnecessarily looking for people who have experience as
actors (although if you have performed so much the better).What I want are boys who are keen to explore this wildly funny, often rude, and at times anarchic play, and will commit the time necessary to do so.
If you become a member of the ‘Applecross Boys’ then you will need to be available as required for rehearsals at the school and, in the last week of November, for rehearsals and performances at the University of
Western Australia.  You will be taking part not only in a live performance of a challenging, interesting and frequently hilarious play, but also playing a role in an important research project!
How much time will you need to commit?That depends on the size of the part you will play, but Peter will be holding 2 hour rehearsals twice a week for the first 4 weeks and then in the final weeks stepping that up to 3 times a week. Rehearsals will usually be at the end of the school day.
Will you be paid? No.
Will it make you famous? Possibly.
Will it be hard work? Probably.
Will it be fun? Certainly.
Who’s the director? Peter Reynolds – professor of theatre studies at the University of Newcastle, UK, and an education associate of the English National Theatre where he created the double BAFTA award winning performance website:  Check it out.
If you want more information please email (

To download a parent permission form click Applecrossboys13-18parentsletter


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