Hello WA Youth Theatre participants

Welcome to the 2014 Sunday training sessions.

Apologies if you have had trouble getting through via email – it seems we have got a technical glitch in the system which has sent bounce-backs and not letting emails out – so if this has affected you please accept our apologies. (If anybody knows a decent IT person who deals in Mac’s at a reasonable price, I would like to know)

Given the above it is not too late to enrol and we will be accepting enrolments at the classes, so if you or your child would like to take part please come along on the Sunday classes.

Participant Information

 Term 1 2014 Dates and Venue


Sun 16 Feb – Sun 6 April

Take the Stage (10-12 years)     12- 2 pm

Lead by Nicole Pearce

Sun 16 Feb – Sun 6 April

Hard Core Acting (formally Acting Core Skills)  (13-16 years)  2.30- 5pm

Lead by Garreth Bradshaw

 Sun 16 Feb – Sun 6 April

Acting on the Edge (formally Advance Acting) (16-26 years)   5- 7.30pm

Lead by Garreth Bradshaw

Venue:  Kings St Arts Centre – large meeting room

357 Murray St Perth

Guidelines for Participants

In order to achieve the outcomes of that WA Youth Theatre WAYTCo expects from our participants some guidelines apply

  1. Please arrive at class at least 10 minutes ahead of time
  2. Come appropriately equipped with pens/pencils and a notebook, a water bottle and any other items the tutor has asked participants to prepare
  3. Be dressed appropriately in clothing that is comfortable and allows a full range of movement.
  4. Please notify the tutor, in the event of being late or absent
  5. Have completed any assigned tasks.
  6. Bring a positive and respectful attitude into class and treat fellow participants and WA Youth Theatre staff with due respect.

Participants should be aware that getting to class on time is their responsibility.

If you have any queries about the Sunday training please contact Garreth Bradshaw – Training Facilitator at or

We look forward to seeing you at the WA Youth Theatre Sunday workshops.








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