Through engagement with drama and theatre we build confidence. Encouraging young people to work together creating and presenting theatre grows creativity and allows young people to empathise with lives and characters other than their own. We’re investing in future leaders – not all our members will decide to have careers in the arts, some will be confident, creative, empathetic risk-takers in corporate, civic and community roles.

Founded in 1990 as Leeming Youth Theatre and later LYT by Alan Blagaitch, WAYTCo have carved out a reputation as a company that gives more training in a week than High School Drama provides in a year. We provide place for the misfits and savants to strive in their own way to find their creativity and expression.

“Being in a WAYTCo show is a big step up from community theatre shows. Each and every cast member is amazing so it’s not a case of carrying the other actors but keeping up with them. There’s a lot of learning from seeing and working each other. The chance to work with a professional director and seeing the designers and crew make the show around you is a great opportunity” – Nic Doig.

We’re based at the King St Arts Centre, 357-365 Murray St Perth 6000

PHONE: 08 9226 2144
POSTAL ADDRESS: PO Box 7648, Cloister Square, Perth 6850


Department of Culture


The Ian Potter Foundation
City of Perth


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