Our Health policy

WA Youth Theatre Company (WAYTCo) promotes health to its performers, crew, audiences and workshop participants and supports the provision of healthy environments.


  • All participants will provide to WAYTCo a completed and signed medical form prior to the commencement of workshops and/or rehearsals.
  • All company professional and volunteer workers will be made aware of the specific medical needs of participants as outlined in their medical form prior to the commencement of the workshop/rehearsal.
  • Participants will be supervised at all times during workshops, rehearsals and performances by a member of the Artistic and Production team or a Board Member
  • Workshop and performance content will be age and ability appropriate.
  • A copy of WAYTCo’s health policy will be made available on organisation’s website.


WAYTCo recognises that smoke free environments protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke and contribute to reducing tobacco consumption levels. WAYTCo will encourage quitting attempts and discourage the uptake of smoking ­ particularly by young people.

1.1            All events and official functions conducted by WAYTCo will be 100% smoke free.

1.2            Tobacco products will not be sold by WAYTCo or on any premises under the control of WAYTCo.

1.3             All staff, contractors, participants and performers of WAYTCo will not smoke or be seen to carry tobacco products while acting in an official capacity or taking part in any program under control of WAYTCo.

1.4            WAYTCo will encourage and support staff and members to quit smoking.

1.5            WAYTCo (whether directly or through a third party) will not receive money, other benefits or have arrangements with the tobacco industry (including sales, promotion or distribution of tobacco products).

1.6            WAYTCo’s arts and cultural activities will not feature, depict or promote smoking in any way.


WAYTCo understands and recognises the importance of good nutrition and the role it plays in promoting health and optimal performance.

2.1                  Where food is available at functions conducted by WAYTCo healthy alternatives will be served. This includes the provision of foods low in fat, sugar and salt and foods that are high in fibre with a substantial fruit and vegetable content.

2.2                  Cast and crew will be encouraged to eat healthy food during the rehearsal and performance process.

2.3                  The importance of adequate hydration will be emphasised at workshops, rehearsals and performances.

2.4                  Where beverages are available at functions and activities, healthier alternatives will be readily offered. This includes beverages with low/no sugar content.

2.5                  Water will always be made available free of charge at WAYTCo events.


In the interest of health and safety WAYTCo will actively promote, encourage and support strategies to minimise harm from alcohol and other drugs. WAYTCo will ensure compliance with all relevant policy guidelines constructed by the WA Director of Liquor Licensing.

3.1                  WAYTCo will ensure staff and performers are educated on the effects of excessive consumption of alcohol on health and performance.

3.2                  Participants / performers known to have consumed alcohol or illicit drugs prior to WAYTCo event or activity will not be permitted to perform or participate.

3.3  When alcohol is served at official WAYTCo functions, the organisation will ensure compliance with all relevant policy guidelines constructed by the WA Director of Liquor Licensing, e.g. responsible service of alcohol, availability of water free of charge.

3.4  The irresponsible use of alcohol and/or use of illicit drugs will not be glamorised or promoted

3.5  Alcohol will not be used for prizes or awards.

WAYTCo is committed to the safe participation of performers and the prevention of injury.

4.1                  Warm-up, stretch, cool-down routines and voice exercises will be conducted at all rehearsals, workshops and performances.
4.2                  Appropriate first aid training will be available to relevant instructors and first aid equipment will be provided at rehearsal and performance venues.

4.3            Correct fluid replacement practices will be implemented at all rehearsals. Workshops and performances.

4.4            New and existing members will complete a pre-participation medical assessment form and highlight any medical conditions.

WAYTCo recognises that the creation of a positive environment that encourages and supports involvement will have a positive effect on the mental health and well being of its members and the community.

5.1                  Staff, volunteers and participants will be expected and encouraged to treat all individuals and groups with respect, equality and openness

5.2                  WAYTCo will proactively address instances of bad practice and reward instances of good practice.

5.3                  WAYTCo will try to reduce or remove economic or social barriers to participation.

5.4            WAYTCo recognises its duty of care when working deeply with the emotions of young actors.  All participants will receive a thorough “de-roleing” and calming/adjustment exercises before rehearsals are completed.

WAYTCo recognises that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation has potential negative health effects and will therefore support sun safe practices and will introduce measures to minimise exposure.

6.1            Where activities take place outdoors, shade (natural, built or temporary) will be utilised to protect participants and staff, wherever available.

6.2            Staff and members representing WAYTCo will always act as positive role models by adopting sun protection behaviours such as wearing broad brimmed, bucket or legionnaire style hats, long sleeved shirts, extra length shorts, sunglasses and sunscreen.

6.3            Sunscreen (SPF 30+, broad spectrum water resistant) will be made available to staff and participants. However, when this is not possible these parties will be encouraged to bring their own.

WAYTCo recognises that participation in regular physical activity has important health and social benefits and is committed to encouraging safe physical activity participation for its staff, members and performers.

7.1            Staff and members will be encouraged to make active choices (e.g. walking, cycling or taking public transport all or part of the way to work, using the stairs instead of the lift) through the use of promotional and motivational resources.

7.2            Opportunities for staff to be active during their lunch break or before/after work will be encouraged.


8.1         Staff and members recognise that in workshops and activities which involve participants under the age of 16, strong swearwords and sexualised behaviour is to be limited at all times. Emotional literacy and physical expressions of emotions is  taught and encouraged as part of the creative endeavours of students. Hugging and kissing as a portrayal of characters ‘in love’ is as acceptable (and as limited) as simulated combat or threats of violence within creative expression. Tutors will emphasise acting and role-play is different from real life and that extreme behaviour often has negative consequences. At no stage will tutors demonstrate such behaviour.

8.2    In all other activities staff and members will encourage the development of emotional literacy and understanding of human behavioural needs and drives as a core element of an actors training. This will sometimes include behaviour outside of acceptable norms of conduct in society and will sometimes include portrayal of characters who have behaviours and belief systems far outside of the norms of participants family and community. Staff, members and family of members understand that WAYTCo does not condone unacceptable behaviour, language, conduct or moral choices but allows the portrayal of such activity within creative expression and scene study for performance. Tutors and members will refrain from unacceptable conduct, swearing and sexualised behaviour outside of creative expression and scene study for performance, but will discuss the acceptability, consequences and moral ethics of such behaviour within the class/rehearsal environment.


WAYTCo administrators, cast and crew recognise they act as role models to the general community and particularly to other young people and will take this responsibility seriously. WAYTCo will review this policy annually and ensure all staff and participants associated with the Company are aware of the policy. Breaches will be addressed through the management of WAYTCo.


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