Major productions

Scene from MINE(1)

“MINE” by by Jane Bodie

“This was one of my first productions outside school. I had auditioned for a fair few plays at this point but I am so glad I wasn’t accepted into any of them, because WAYTCo allowed me a much more professional experience. I worked with an amazing cast, director, designers and crew. Loved every minute.”

“I have learnt so much that will help me in all my future acting experiences. It was great to be exposed to a professional production in which we took great care in what we did.”

We currently stage two major youth theatre productions a year – a major text production mid-year, and a work of original devised theatre created by the cast (assisted by a professional director and designer) towards the end of each year.

Clark in Sarajevo

“Clark in Sarajevo” by Catherine Zimdahl

Between 8 and 16 actors are cast through open auditions by a professional emerging or established director. In order to audition actors must become a member, but that is all the money we ask of our performers. We do ask for commitment, dedication, professionalism and a positive cooperative attitude.

We take pride in our productions and successfully stage some of the highest quality performances in Perth by supporting our casts with the resources necessary to produce professional quality work.

WAYTCo EARTH youth theatre

“EARTH” devised by the cast, written and directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler


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