600 Seconds

Ensemble 600ENSEMBLE 600 – young theatre makers group.

WAYTCo has essembled a team of theatre makers under the age of 27 to create ENSEMBLE 600 – a group of people who have the commitment and passion to make electrifying, innovative performance.

Fringe World FestivalWAYTCo is dedicated to training and inspiring the next generation of Western Australian theatre makers, and is partnering with The Blue Room Theatre and Fringe World to create and present a number of short performances to be included in the project ‘600 seconds’ – hence the name.

The goal of ENSEMBLE 600 is to create and present original, daring, and innovative work – stretching and limbering the creative skills of the members. In recognition of the fact that some members of ENSEMBLE 600 will need support in this process, WAYTCo’s professional Artistic Director Kirsty Hillhouse will be facilitating and curating the creation and selection of work for presentation.

WAYTCo invited young creatives under the age of 27 to come to the King St Arts Centre on Sunday August 25th to take part in a three-hour workshop. From this process 10 young theatre makers have been selected to form the ensemble.

The Blue Room Theatre


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